Who Is Jenni?

Sitting at a desk all day, Back Ache, Feet Hurt, Stressed Out, Headaches, scrolling through social media on your phone?

Can you identify with any of these? No? Can you let everyone else in on the secret? But if you said yes to any of those above, then you’re in the right place.

As a massage therapist, I see so many people with these issues and many more… and yes I suffer from these too on occasion, so I know all too well how the little niggles and pains can interfere with everyday life.

That’s where I come in…

I’m Jen (call me Jen or Jenni – I don’t mind which). I’m the owner of Jennifer Cowdrey Massage.

I learnt massage back in the early 2000’s because after receiving my first back, neck and shoulder massage. I totally understood how amazing it felt to get rid of those aches, pains and strains (even if only for a short period of time) and I knew that I wanted to let other people know just how amazing massage can be.

Do you want to find out just how awesome massage is?

I know that going to see someone for a massage can be quite daunting so here are few fun random facts about me to get to know me better….

1. I loooove movies – as of July 2019 I’ve seen over 30 movies this year so far.

2. If there’s chocolate milkshake on a menu, I’ll order it – I’m not one for grown up drinks really.

3. On November 6th 2011 I completed the New York Marathon – it took me 7hrs 55mins & 31seconds (pure stubbornness got me through it and lots of tearful phone calls to my sister who was there supporting, along with my amazing trainer Junior, who completed the marathon, then walked back to meet me and help me finish).

4. I have a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Equine Science – and I would love to go back and do Masters in Health Psychology focusing on the effects of massage on brain waves.

5I adore everything Elvis Presley!!! I have books, records, cushions, framed pictures, IPad covers, keyrings, pens, notebooks all with Elvis on. My favourite Elvis songs are Love Me & Devil in Disguise.

6. When I was 18, along with my sister and about 35 other people, we trekked and canoed the Amazon Rainforest (we even had to sing a nursey rhyme to some of the soldiers as part of challenge task) all for charity. I had previously done a tandem skydive for the same charity when I was 16.

7. As of 2016, I’m now internationally recognised as a Massage Therapist. I gained my California Massage Licence after a year of paperwork, Exams and hard work.